We’re In the First Issue of TRU Learning

The You Show is featured in TRU Learning, the newsletter of the Centre for Student Engagement and Learning Innovation.


It’s available as a downloadable PDF

An intrepid cohort of the TRU community is in the midst of… something. It is billed as a “seminar”, been described as a “workshop series”, but could just as accurately be described as “an online happening”, an “experiment in webmaking”, or “barely controlled chaos”.

The You Show is all of those things. At a more basic level it’s an opportunity for people at TRU to work on their digital creation skills over a period of weeks in a structured yet flexible framework. It is intended to provide encouragement, support and perhaps even inspiration to anyone looking to enhance their online profile. That profile could be an ePortfolio or weblog, an online complement to a teaching or research project, or something else entirely.

The staff of CSELI have been among the most active in the You Show, thanks to Tracy Penny Light for encouraging her staff in the creation of online portfolios.

They even used a screen shot of this here portfolio in the article.

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