What is This?

It’s a PORTFOLIO? It’s a BLOG? It’s a WEBSITE?

Indeed this is my web site / portfolio built with blog software, representing the time spent October 23, 2014 through March 12, 2015 as an Open Learning Research Fellow at Thompson Rivers University. Read more about the fellowship.


As part of the You Show open seminar I am co-running with Brian Lamb, we are encouraging participants to build a web site and narrate the process at the same time. I cannot just expect people to do it without doing so myself.

So my process portions will be collected in blog posts categorized as Reflections; and more categories to be listed here for examples of my work.

In fact, I will try and make a case that this site will demonstrate more of the outcomes of this experience than any paper.

My primary blogging arena is CogDogBlog one I have maintained since April 2002 (I am setting this site up to republish selected posts there as well, see more details on how that’s done). And I have a “landing” site as well to represent my work and potential consulting capabilities.

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