All Your WordPress Option Are Belong to Us

There might be some value in my sloppy keyboarding skills beyond humorous typos and misplaced punctuation that drives Sandy Brown Jensen batty. I just mistyped a WordPress URL and cracked a lid on something.

Sure you know the origin of this? Consult ye oh Urban Dictionary
Sure you know the origin of this? Consult ye oh Urban Dictionary

I even forget know why I was looking at the WordPress Settings on a project site, maybe I was checking something I was looking into coding. But anyhow, I typed a URL that never appears via any link/button on the wordpress dashboard. You can do the same on your own site, just append to your blog URL wp-admin/options.php and rather than the usual set of things neatly displayed in a normal Settings screen, you can see (and possibly dangerously edit) ANY option ever set on your site


Mine scrolls down for like 90 feet.

I even found settings for the PodPress plugin which I stopped using in 2007:


This has no specific use I recommend, I am just a little tickled at finding something that’s like a backdoor into the wizard’s room. There is a function you can use if coding in WordPress.

Just for fun, I was curious if I used this URL to see what happens on my laboratory site on


And this makes me smile because someone put a bit of humor into an error message. Reason number 466 why I love WordPress.

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3 thoughts on “All Your WordPress Option Are Belong to Us

  1. I can hardly wait until I retire and my grammar meter dials down!
    I also ??WordPress, but for much dumber reasons than yours…

  2. Concerning your “legacy options”, there’s a WP plugin named “Clean Options” which “finds orphaned options and allows for their removal from the wp_options table”.

    I found it useful time ago when I decided to remove the many plugins that I had once installed, tried, disabled and not used any more.



    1. Golden! I’m rarely surprised when I search for “is there a plugin to do ______” and find often more than 1. I’m out soon to chase those database cluttering orphans.

      Good plugins clean up when deleted.

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