Do Electric Portfolios Dream of Analog Sheep?

cc licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by cogdogblog:
cc licensed (BY-SA) flickr photo by cogdogblog:

This if course is completely rhetorical but something needs to be said on the first post. Especially if I’m trying to get something set up as a demo. It should be more than just silly filler text.

Alas no.

But that is an analog sheep from a friends’ ranch in Paonia, Colorado. And in way the sheep is electronic, those tags are RFID enabled, and the McQuires track all kinds of data with a custom mobile device they are building. It’s a system called Sheep Tracker (I think).

What does this have to do with my portfolio?

Little except to show I think in lateral connections. Portfolio – electronic – sheep- photo – metaphor. But if you want to know more, check our Desert Weyr Ranch.

Here Come The Sheep! Dog in the Lead
cc licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

Tell them I sent you running.

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3 thoughts on “Do Electric Portfolios Dream of Analog Sheep?

  1. I have problems falling asleep many nights…problem of a racing mind which can’t shut off easily.

    I looked at your pics with CC info underneath and feel so smart/smug knowing how you embedded (not pasted) them there. Question: is the Helper only for Flickr pics and only for putting in WP sites?


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