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Elevator Cam
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In lieu of an elevator pitch, and upcoming You Show Daily challenge is to generate a description of your portfolio or communication site in the number of characters you can fit into a tweet. That is 140 characters (or less if you account for including hash tags).

So what is my site going to be about? In a brief tweet-length description that gets at the idea I hope to make?

First some thoughts. Or a list of incomplete efforts.

I already have a collection of partly done quasi portfolio sites. At one time I used an About.me page. I created my own “landing page” site at http://cogdog.info (but it needs updates for projects from 2014). I have an area on the theme I added to my main blog where I plan to add portfolio elements (still on my list to do).

So my plan is to build on this site a portfolio of my time here at TRU, From October 23 through March 12. Here thus is my Elevator Tweet:

In my portfolio are artifacts from presentations, projects, and web sites developed in my 4 month fellowship at TRU. And memories.

Wikimedia Commons cc licensed imageimage
Wikimedia Commons cc licensed imageimage

That is 130. That elevator looks bigger.

It’s okay.

I ought to refine it later.

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