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What is the framework for the portfolio site I hope to build here? That is one of the prompts we have (actually I wrote) for the activities in Unit 1.

I always ue images in my posts, so my thinking starts with what I found, using compfight to search creative commons licensed flickr photos. I ended up looking for photos tagged framework. I like the organic image of the tree growth on this one, plus it is titled “Cloud Cage”.

Cloud Cage
cc licensed ( BY-NC-ND ) flickr photo shared by Kevin H.

So my portfolio will cover the things I have done/will do in my four month visit here to TRU as Visiting Scholar in Open learning. For my static page content, I might include:

  • About – general introduction and why I am here
  • Map? Maybe show places I got to visit while in BC?
  • Contacts- keep a record of people I met while here.
  • Timeline / Outline ??

For the things that will be part of my posts, I can see:

  • Workshops / Presentations given (YouShow sessions, ETUG meeting(
  • Writing- any publications or writeups that may appear elsewhere, e.g. on my main blog
  • Reflections Posts
  • Web Development (the SPLOT tools, TRUbox site, You Show site)
  • Photos – because I take them every day
  • Videos produced

This feels maybe sparse (it seems to be around media as an oranizer)

While a good chunk will have to be back dated. I have a set of notes I was keeping on the TRU Wiki

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