Image Seeking for Fantastic Visual Metaphors (TPC 2015)

A presentation for TRU’s Teaching Practices Colloquium 2015

Visual media is a key component of teaching, presenting, making your ideas understood. When you search online for an image of specific thing, literal keyword searches usually work well. For example if you need “a photo of a leopard” or “an image of a surfboard”, you can easily find images. But to represent more complex ideas or concepts as images– how can you find things that are not as clearly represented by keywords? How do you represent “honesty”, “learning”, “respect”, or even “fear” with a visual? In these cases, literal keyword searches are not effective. Using the Image Seek Strategy you can practice what is as much art as science in finding images. Four prompt questions help you choose alternative keywords that produce images that suggest or metaphorically represent the idea who want to communicate in photos. Image Seek also encourages you use images that are licensed for re-use and to keep a record of your search strategy for future reference. This session makes use of a Mozilla Teaching Kit

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