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In November of 2014 Brian and I had already set up our first multisite host for projects here for the SPLOT projects.

During a December meeting with the Open learning Instructional Designers we were discussing ideas about them doing work on WordPress based sites of their own to flesh out ideas for open portfolios as well as looking at doing some sort of group or network hub site for them as a group (this is still in progress at

In the midst about other possible projects and testing out various themes, somewhere we realized that some sort of sandbox site would be useful to experiment in rather than the hosted instance of WordPress (so we could try themes, plugins, experimental code). As almost a joke I suggested we call it a “TRUbox”… and it stuck. As I remember it, by the end of the meeting Brian and already registered the domain.

This site is located on the same platform as SPLOT, provide by Reclaim Hosting


This became a rather essential portion of the project landscape here. SPLOT was really where I tried out new things, and TRUbox was where we could offer sites to TRU people participating in the YOU Show (not to mention the site itself).

As of this writing there are 40 sites hosted there. I can see there:

The central TRUbox site was set up rather basic, but it does list all of the hosted sites and a few announcements. We are able to notify all site admins via a network email plugin. We are are actively exploring the capabilities of the NC Cloner – Site Copier to be able to make template sites completely configured that we could roll out as needed as a more functional setup than a blank Vanilla WordPress install.

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